Grips by Kris

Kristopher Micozzi is a student of Long Island Historical Fencing Society. His feder grips are renown for their seamless transitions from the beginning to the end of the haft, as well as their exceptional durability. The grips are designed for moderate to heavy use with all varieties of HEMAA-approved gauntlets.

At IGX, Kris will have a table to create or repair sword grips. Grip materials are Paracord, but wire can also be used for an additional fee. Standard fee is $40, plus $10 if wire is used. Grips take 30-40 minutes to complete (so plan your tournaments accordingly!). Limited to 10 clients, or more/less if time and materials permit (Kris is competing, too!). This is also a great opportunity for clubs who are looking to repair club hafts.

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