Firebrand Productions

New to IGX and the HEMA scene, we are pleased to showcase Firebrand Productions! Based in Providence, RI, Firebrand Productions builds custom knives and swords, and offers one-on-one knife-making classes. The basic curriculum of this two-day program teaches you how to make an everyday carry knife at their in-house production space. Advanced Knife Making classes are available for those who have completed the basic class, where you learn how to make larger and more complicated knives or daggers. A Custom Knife Making class is available for those who have taken the two previous classes, where you make a custom knife of your own design!

At IGX, Firebrand Productions will be vending shield blanks (Norman Kite Shield type), daggers and knives, and taking sign-ups for their knife-making classes. Classes are normally $400; anyone who contacts Firebrand Productions through IGX to book a class will get $50 off, and if you prepay for a class at the event, you’ll get $100 off!  This is subject to availability as classes are two to four hour blocks over two days, but they will work with you to find a schedule that works.

Additionally, Firebrand Productions will also be providing a prize knife for the event.
Check out Firebrand Productions on their website: or Facebook:

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