So you’ve thrown them, now what? Unterhalten in Kampfringen

Unterhalten (literally “to hold underneath”) is an often overlooked aspect of Kampfringen (combat grappling). Kampfringen is differentiated from its sportive counterpart in that the main goal is to incapacitate and kill your opponent, and fights only end when a combatant can no longer continue. While many standing attacks and throws in this system may end a fight, the reality of hand-to-hand combat is that most contests will end up on the ground. The 15th century masters filled in the Kunst des Fechten with useful techniques to finish off our adversaries (or turn the tables on them!) once the fight has gone to the ground.

In this class, we will be showcasing techniques from Codex Wallerstein, Von Danzig, the Ambraser Codex, Ringeck, Gladiatoria, and Talhoffer that tell us how to restrain, injure, and pummel an opponent once a fight has gone to the ground. Since these techniques are dangerous and painful when practiced at speed, the class will focus on stepping through them with control.

Experience Requirement: None

Equipment Requirement: None. Groin protection recommended.

Location: 2 (Main Field, Ring 2) Date: October 1, 2017 Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Ryan Zukowski