Jérôme Paupe

Jérôme Paupe has been practicing HEMA since 2007, practicing with La compagnie medievale, and studying many weapons. In the early days they studied Le jeux de la hache, Liechtenauer, and the manuscript of I.33. The longsword was his focus at that time.

Between 2011 and 2013 he did full contact combat in full plate armor. He did longsword, polearm, and kite shield with one hand sword. He has won some medals and is proud of those accomplishments. This competitive scene made him love tournaments and he then focused on developing himself by his own initiative.

Currently they study Meyer longsword and I.33. He teaches the advanced sword and buckler class in his school using mostly the I.33 with some concepts borrowed from his other weapons experience into the buckler plays. He won a gold medal in longsword in their local tournament and since then has trained almost exclusively in I.33.

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