Introduction to Scottish Backhold

This class will introduce students to the rules, principles, and techniques of Scottish Backhold. Backhold is a style of folk wrestling popular in Scotland, Northern England, and several other parts of Europe that has been practiced continually since at least the Middle Ages. Because Backhold places emphasis on footwork and balance over grips, practicing Backhold is an excellent way to learn and train these aspects of wrestling. Backhold is also an interesting and enjoyable form of wrestling in its own right, and because of the nature of the hold used in Backhold, injuries are less common than in many other styles of wrestling.

In this class, students will learn several techniques and principles relevant to this style of wrestling, some with direct parallels to Kampfringen/Abrazare or Ringen am Schwert. Students should expect to come away from the class with a greater understanding of how to apply leverage in wrestling, how to read one’s opponent while at grips, and how to both attack and defend more effectively in wrestling.
Equipment Requirements: Socks are recommended.
Experience Requirements: No prior Backhold experience required.

Location: 4 (Main Field, Area 4) Date: October 1, 2017 Time: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Michael-Forest Meservy